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"They are quick and thorough. I like that they use environmentally responsible cleaning tools and products. "

- J. Farell-Cordon

"Consistent and they pay attention to detail. Very happy with them. "

- S. Jones

"They didn't use bleach yet still managed to get rid of a lot of the mould on our bathtub. I was impressed. Overall, a job well done. "

- R. Sweezie

"I had a huge job to be done in decluttering my condo and cleaning it after. I can't tell you how impressed and appreciative I am of the job the girls did. I was extremely embarrassed my place had gotten to that point (due to unexpected medical issues). Beginning with the office manager who took my call to the 3 girls that did the cleaning over 2 days, they never once made me feel bad or more embarrassed. Everyone was very professional and the cleaners were not only hard working, but very caring and compassionate. "

- S. Lamantia

"Well trained, courteous and friendly staff come fully equipped and need minimum interaction with us each week to get the work done. Scheduling is also a breeze. Whether staying with the schedule or requesting a change, the staff is here as requested and on time. "

- L. Barrett, Toronto, ON

"The women cleaning my home are very polite and respectful, and do a very thorough job while cleaning faster than any service I've seen. They leave the place smelling great and sparkling each time! "

- L. Andrews, Toronto, ON

"My house looked so clean. There was a faint smell of eucalyptus which was pleasant. The ladies were very nice and did a wonderful job. "

- H. Barber, Toronto, ON

"I have no comment about the products - I didn't notice anything but clean - that I think is a good thing. Nova's team was very thorough and quick."

- J. Laurebach, Toronto, ON

"Friendly team. Safe products. Listens to suggestions. Great with the dog. Takes care with our furniture."

- J. Nelligan, Toronto, ON

"Robert's approach to customer service is excellent and reliable. His team cleaned my home so that it was shiny, bright and fresh. I wasn't worried at all about them being in my home. Robert is friendly, helpful, and will ensure you are satisfied with results!"

- R. Henderson, Toronto, ON

"I am so very impressed with the level of care and concern with getting the cleaning done. It is the best house cleaning service I have ever had. Chris and his team treat my home like it's their own. They arrive on time and are very quiet and efficient. GREAT TEAMWORK and thank you so much! I will definitely recommend Merry Maids to my colleagues and friends!"

- L. Schaefer, Toronto, ON

"The efficiency, level of service, politeness and overall good work of the ladies are highly commendable. I am unable to speak about the products used as I am generally out, but they certainly do the job. My home looks and feels good when I get home!"

- B. Anderson, Toronto, ON

"Merry Maids brings everything and the products they use leave a clean, fresh and odourless environment."

- C. Hillmer, Toronto, ON

"Very thorough - great job - communication if delays - very happy with this service."

- L. Weisser

"So fast! So thorough! Everything in its proper place!"

- M. Lagace

"Excellent and consistent service every time. The staff are delightful, friendly, positive, and caring."

- G. Miller

"I like the service because it is reliable and dependable. I like having an hour window The convenience of coming home to a clean house and the teams are able to work around my pets. Thank you!"

- M. Parkinson

"We really like knowing that the cloths being used are washed every night, and I personally love the innovative dusting wand for reaching high places."

- A. Lyall, Toronto, ON

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